Classy Imports Inc. Is one of the leading Canadian Manufactures, Importers and Distributors of truck stop, gas station and car wash products.

Founded in 1989, Classy Imports originally specialized in importing supplies contributing to the development of the automotive and novelty category in Canada.

Over the years, Classy Imports has significantly expanded and diversified it’s catalogue to offer it’s customers a wide range of over 2000 products, many of which include products manufactured under their own six trademarks.

The company currently works with nearly 50 suppliers from all over the world and represents a portfolio of recognized brands in their home market such as, Armor-all, Mothers, Bic, Little Tree, Coghlans Prestone, Scent Bomb, among many others.

Classy Imports has a sales office in Alberta and a Canada-wide sales force serving a network of more than one thousand customers, including truck stops, gas stations, car washes, independent stores and convenience.

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